Flower Power

This CECE BRAND floral shirt is one of the highest quality button downs I own – it’s a great fabric, a mixture between the flowy-tunic material that everyone’s used to with a little bit of crisp-ness to it that reminds me of a more formal button down.  It goes great with a lot of different colors of bottoms as well (I’ve worn it a lot with these pants, but it also goes great with white and denim)!

My MID RISE JERSEY SASH EXPRESS PANTS are my current wardrobe obsession, and I have them in three colors! They are so comfortable, can be dressed up or dressed down, and very flattering! Also, of course they are on sale (which happens frequently at Express) and I would pick them up before they sell out, as last time I was in there were only a few sizes left.

My MICHEAL KORS SNAKESKIN PUMPS are super comfortable, and I do a LOT of walking as a real estate agent!  They are unfortunately sold out of this specific color, but the new line is an updated version (I bought these during Summer) and there are actually several I want FROM THEIR NEW COLLECTION.