It’s Fall Y’all


And that means hoodies & booties & scarves & all the things I adore most about my closet are back!

This ONE-SHOULDER SWEATSHIRT from Nordstrom is so cuddly, soft and a unique twist to the off-shoulder style. It comes in black too, which I’m also seriously considering getting before they are gone!

You may not be able to read it from this photo, but MY NECKLACE says “The world is our oyster” which is such a fun message I adore.  It’s only on one-side of the token, so if it doesn’t speak to you, you can always have the plain other side.  It’s perfect for me to wear often, since the “keyhole” cutout reminds me of real estate!

I have an awesome India Hicks rep if you want to order through her, she may be able to give you a deal, so shoot drop me a message if you are so inclined.