An Amazon Delight

Ok, so I usually only use Amazon for my groceries and random items…but after a trip to a small boutique this summer when we were traveling in Lake Geneva, I noticed a brand called Umgee was sold a lot in the stores there. I Googled to find more options (and also price compare, which I […]

Working out is the most fun in cute outfits…

…or should I say ONLY fun for me in cute outfits… I’m not a huge gym-goer, I know for my health and mental state it makes me FEEL better and look my best – but while I’m doing it? Not the biggest fan of sweating, ruining my blow-out, and exhaustion. But really, when I do […]

It’s Fall Y’all

  And that means hoodies & booties & scarves & all the things I adore most about my closet are back! This ONE-SHOULDER SWEATSHIRT from Nordstrom is so cuddly, soft and a unique twist to the off-shoulder style. It comes in black too, which I’m also seriously considering getting before they are gone! You may […]

Casual Work Day

Casual work attire is my favorite.  I love dressing up jeans, and it’s an outfit that transitions well from day-to-night! My jeans are a new favorite of mine, and Nordstrom Rack has a ton of sizes left! I could talk about these jeggings all day, but to keep it short & sweet, they are just […]

Mustard Tuesday

  Mustard is a color I’m so loving right now, it’s so versatile in terms of what colors go with it.  Teal & mustard is a fave combo of mine, and tan and mustard is another one of my go-to looks. I was thrilled when I ran into Nordstrom on a whim and found THIS […]

About The Blissful Brunette

Hi! I’m Kim Howard, the author behind The Blissful Brunette. This really is a creative outlet for me to capture all of the things I love about fashion & beauty, home & the occasional traveling.  I adore my husband Joey (professionally known as “Joe”, but will always be my “Joey”), my two pups Ozzie & […]